IObit Uninstaller 12.1.0


To uninstall a program from your PC, which tool do you use?

When you have to perform the task to uninstall a program installed on your PC, what tool do you use? Do you trust one that complies fully with its function? So these and many other questions don't swamp you, it's best to trust a program like IObit Uninstaller.

As the name suggests, IObit Uninstaller is a tool designed specifically to eliminate, permanently, any program, game or application installed on your PC, so that once complete, it leaves no trace on your hard drive. Integrated with the latest uninstall technology, this powerful tool will help eliminate unnecessary programs, even those with the option "cannot Add or Remove Windows Programs."

The most attractive part of the program is that IObit Uninstaller creates a restoration image made ??just before each uninstall, for if at any time you want to reverse the changes. And all this for free.


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